Thursday, April 18, 2013

I need more space!

April 19, 2013

     I really could use some more space in my kitchen. I actually would love more space in every 
room. Seeing that I'm not moving anytime soon, I decided to take a good look at how to
use the space I have. Lets take a look at what I have to work with:

     The coat closet right by the front door. It has become a place to cram anything that 
doesn't have a place. It's white, with the builder white wire rack. Ugly, and unappealing!

     I started by painting all the doors in my home. That was a big impact. I pulled out the wire rack,
had grass cloth hung, and then had a very simple shelf system built. I wrapped the shelves with 
burlap and painted the wood trim the same color of the door.
     I now have a space for all the kitchen over flow. My kitchen functions better now, and I have
a space that I know where I put things!

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