Saturday, June 15, 2013

Home tour, part II

June 15, 2013
Let's go back inside Jodie's house and check out the
the down stairs. As you walk into the home from the black front
doors, remember those? You arrive in the living room. It's big. It's relaxed.
It has texture! Let's go look around....
Ok, not my best shot. You get the idea here. Large coffee table.
Right behind us to our right is this...
I'm really liking the shape of the chair, and the legs of the table.
They work so well together.
On to the family room....
Let's get a close up of that chair.
I love the texture here. On our right is a built in
book shelves. Jodie has a great eye for styling.
The first thing that I noticed was the placement of her objects.
Balanced and interesting.
Standing in the landing right below the staircase, and
across from the living room is the dining room. While it
looks casual, I can assure you that Jodie has had some pretty
amazing parties here that have an entirely different feel
to the space. My favorite furniture pieces that she has in this room are the
two shelves flanking the doorway into the kitchen. They're stacked
with dishes. Who here doesn't like dishes?
I thought so....
The view out the window...
I think this is so pretty. It's a quiet and peaceful side yard.
I noticed something interesting while looking into the cabinets
that were added during the kitchen remodel. First, it's a great use of
space. Second, always add lights. Do you see what I see?
Her side. Wine glasses and cake plates.
His side. Tequila.
I think I like his side :)
Have a great weekend!

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  1. So many lovely pieces - and all put together beautifully!