Thursday, June 27, 2013

Westlake Village home tour part 2

June28, 2013

It's time for part two of my friends home in Westlake Village.

Let's look at the dinning room, living room, kitchen, and entry.
This home takes my breath away. I love the attention to detail.
Come on, follow me.....

This is the enrty. Right above us are some fantastic windows.
They are covered in woven woods that were installed
in the position that they're in now. They never lower. What do they
do for privacy? She had shades installed on radio frequency that
operate on battery. So for privacy, or heat waves, like today, just
push the button and the shades drop. Love that!

To our right is the dining room....

Casual and relaxed. On the far wall is another
built in!

The kitchen is once again to our right. Its just the right size.
The tile goes all the way to the ceiling. I don't think it
shows in the photo. It's just stunning.

Follow me into the living room. It's very comfortable, with a
view to the pool!

Here's the stairs going to the bedrooms....

Details, details, details.....

We're hitting over 100 this weekend. So this is looking
pretty good!

Along with one of these.

But none of this......

Have a wonderful weekend!


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