Sunday, July 14, 2013

One great weekend....

July 15,  2013

This weekend started off well. I was searching Craigslist,
 because, you just never
know what you're going to find. I hosted Thanksgiving for the family last
 year and I think I've inherited it for years to come.
So with that in mind, I had to look at the post that read, Dishes $40.
I look at all dish postings. I don't know why.
 Imagine my surprise when this popped up.


I can't believe that I scored 8 dinner plates, and the rest is service for 11.
 Are you kidding me?
Things couldn't be better. Brown no less. Perfect. I was so happy when
I got the email back and we did the deal.
After my Saturday find, I had no idea that Sunday would be even better.
I was able to spend some time with my niece. Lunch at the beach on a beautiful day.

Then we hit the jacuzzi.

It was amazing!
In Malibu, looking south towards Santa Monica.
The perfect way to spend the day. I'm already looking
forward to next weekend!
Enjoy your week,

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  1. Oh, wow!! What a deal you found! I absolutely LOVE these dishes, and they will be perfect for Thanksgiving. You must take pictures of your tablescape. And such a lovely Sunday at the beach... ahhh!!!! A perfect weekend indeed. :)

    The Glam Pad