Sunday, October 6, 2013

An Artists Home Tour in Westlake Village....

Oct. 6, 2013

I'm so pleased to have the privilege to tour this home. It's been one of my personal favorites for a few reasons. I love the size of this home, and it's one level.  Everywhere I turn in this home, there's something for my eye to admire. No stone is unturned here.  This home belongs to hip, well traveled, fun, dog and horse lovers. Oh yeah, Carol is an amazing artist.
Lets start the tour....
As you enter into the courtyard, you pass a wall fountain
leading to a glass and iron front door.
Nice landscaping is everywhere you turn when
your outside.
We made it. Let's start the tour in the master bedroom...
Notice the art work throughout this home, most of what you will
see is done by Carol, who also designs jewelry.

The master bedroom is peaceful and serene. Carol did some remodeling
that included moving walls, adding doorways, new flooring,
and wood panel ceilings.

And did I mention the built-ins? At least three, no, four that I can count.
The hall leading to the master bathroom. I love the glass doors.
So French...It lets in so much filtered light.
  Two vanities. One on each side of the door.
and Foo dogs..
It's the small things in homes that make it so special.
Carol added in a walkway into and out of the master bedroom. It
really does make a difference coming and going.
Let's take a look into her studio. More beautiful
things to looks at.
This is where she paints and designs jewelry.
One of her dogs. She can paint one for you
if you like!
What a great studio!
Before we close the door on the first half of the home tour,
I thought this would be a nice photo to show the arched doors.
I really enjoy the colors of the walls too, as her paintings really
Thank you for stopping by today. I'm off to finish up
cleaning the yard from the Santa Ana winds! One huge
trash bin is already full of tree debris.....


  1. Such a beautiful home. Thank you for the tour. The artwork is stunning!

  2. Love all the built-ins and I want those glass doors!

  3. You were right...she is a fabulous her painting of the ocean!

  4. What a pretty home and a wonderful space for painting...gorgeous artwork!

  5. I am obsessing over that white horse painting! Thanks for the lovely tour!!

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