Sunday, October 27, 2013

My new favorite.....

October 25, 2013

I have a new favorite place right up the street. Let's go
walk around....

As you enter the driveway is long, paved, and circular.
Let's park the car and walk over.

A couple of businesses are here. A hotel,
restaurant, and a club. But that's not where
we're going....

Here we are! The Stonehaus.

Right under the stone sign is a small fountain
for dogs. I like this place already. With all of the grapes
growing, I thought it was only wine. To my surprise,
they serve coffee, food, and have WiFi too.

Not to mention the Fall décor would be unfair. It's
half the fun this time of year.

We're headed straight under the rose arbor.

Lavender, grapes, roses, and lights....
What more could you want? A glass of wine perhaps?
Me too.
Let me show you the grounds before we order.

I've been here in the evening and love
sitting in front of the huge stone fireplace.

Beyond the bocce ball are some picnic tables, and
a water area. It's really relaxing to hang out and
enjoy the vineyard, roses, and décor.
All this walking around has me thirsty. Let's go
inside and order!

I love the stone building and french doors
that lead into the serving area.

Let's order a cheese plate.

And some wine at the wine bar. You can sample the wine
before ordering.

Let's grab a seat out side in the shade and relax.

The stone fireplace is to our left, and at night
the fire bowls are roaring. It's a great way to end
the day and converse.

Beautiful entrance, and exit... I love the
landscape here.

If you live locally you can google for

The Stonehaus
32039 Agoura Road
Westlake Village, CA

I am so happy for this new addition to our
neighborhood. I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Have a great week, and please feel free to
leave a comment below.



  1. When are we going? 😃🍷

    Your cousin,

  2. Wow, this place looks absolutely charming!! I would love to visit!

    The Glam Pad

  3. Cheese plate and wine?? Yes please! I love the fountain for the dogs!

  4. What an incredible place!!! I would love to visit :o)

  5. Hi Sharon...I have meet friends there for coffee...when your there it feels like your somewhere else besides Westlake...