Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Part two: an Artist's home

October 20, 2013

Are you ready to start the tour? We need to see the patio!

The pool is huge, and inviting. It can get really hot here
and stay warm until November. For example, it's about
90 degrees today. It's hot!
When I moved to this area from San Diego I was
fascinated by the green walls. Everything is covered in a
  climbing vine. It's called Climbing Fig. It stays green year round.
She has a covered seating area just off of the kitchen.
I love her choices in accessories.
They're artistic, not staged.
If you look through the glass, you can see the
way the front door looks from the inside.
I love it with the floor she selected. Perfect choice!
A nice eating area for alfresco dining.
Her accessories in the yard feel collected
over time, unique, and an expression of the
I've been on the hunt for a vintage elephant
plant stand. No luck so far, but I'll keep looking.
Another green wall!
I feel really blessed that my friends have been
so generous in sharing their homes. I enjoy seeing
how people live and express themselves.
A special thank you to Carole and Jeff for the tour.
If anyone is interested in contacting Carole for commissioned
art work, you can email her directly.
 Thank you for stopping by today.
Please come visit again,


  1. Loving the green walls! Her back patio looks so relaxing. It's getting too cold to enjoy our patios here.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! This is one chic and soothing patio!!

    The Glam Pad

  3. Sharon, this is a lovely home, and I so enjoyed touring it. Your friends were sweet to share it with us, and her art work is beautiful.

    Tank you for your kind words of condolence on my sister in law's death. You were are so sweet, and I appreciate the sentiments mor tha. You know.



  4. Oops... Make that THANK you. My IPAD has a mind of its own, and the print on here is miniscule at best. ;-)

  5. Dear Sharon,

    I have loved this tour! Thank you...I have had an elephant like hers for at least 30 years. I saw a white on at one point however I don't remember where.

    Thanks so much for visiting. I have more great profiles coming up!

    New_2013 Designer Series