Thursday, January 16, 2014

A friends home....

I'm pleased to share with you the transitional home of my good friend. She recently down sized
from a much larger home to this smaller one. But not for long. She's house hunting as we speak!  It's amazing how the same furniture can be used in a much smaller home and it still works.

Let's take a look and go inside.

The neighborhood has courtyards. A feature that I happen to love. 

Below is a view from across the front door.

Hardwood flooring and a painted brick fireplace.
Very cozy!

My friend suffers from the same thing that I have. It's when you
move pillows around, and always buy more. 
Below are the latest ones. 

There are two book cases on each side of the table. One on each wall.
In her old home they were next to each other to make a 
statement on a long wall in the dining room.
The table below is a real looker. Let's just say it had something to do with
CL, Santa Barbara, and a smoking price!
How did I miss this one?

Below is a full view of one of the book cases.

Let's take a closer look....

I love the accessories in here. 

Here's the view into the living room from the hall. Her area rug
is really pretty. 

I'd like to leave you
with this last image because before you know it,
 summer will be here!

Her home is relaxed, casual, and comfortable.
Just the way I like to feel when being welcomed into
a home.

Part two will be my next post. So stay tuned for 
more pretty in the kitchen.

Thank you for visiting today,



  1. Those bookcases are delicious, she did a great job styling them!

    1. They do look good. I just don't have the knack for styling book cases. But for those who do...they can make magic!

  2. Your friend has so many lovely elements in her home. My favorite is that bookcase.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! You and your friends have fabulous taste!!

    The Glam Pad

  4. That book case is perfection! I love the blue inside and it's styled beautifully!!!

    1. As always, so happy you could stop by! I love her $5 foo dogs! SCORE!

  5. That turquoise backed bookcase if fabulous!!

    1. I love the blue too. She's talking about having grass cloth added in when she moves. I think it could look good. Let's see what her new home will look like, and then we can see what she does!