Sunday, January 19, 2014

Part Two: The Kitchen

Thanks for coming back for part two of the home tour. Let's start in the kitchen.
I have to share with you that this use to be mine! The dresser and table. They were once both painted, and purchased at different times. They were stripped using a paint stripper, and i decided I liked the wood raw.  They found a new home with my friend. I still like them to this day, and I'm considering stripping my new table.

Here's the view walking into the room.

She just added the rug.

Yes, more great styling in this room too.

As you can see behind us there's a bar area along with the back side of the 
painted fireplace.
So functional, and yet old school too.

Ah yes, the view out the window. Out the gate and down the 
street is the lake.

While we're here, check out the wood. Don't you love the color
of the raw wood? I took this picture because I like the use of plants to soften
the hard edge of the walls and cabinet.
Besides the fact that it just makes me smile.

One of the things she has that I keep looking for is a
monkey fruit bowl. Love him!

Let's step out into the yard.
Even though it's a warm 85 degrees this week,
it's still winter here (?) and our yards are not in full swing.

I love seeing the personal belongings and style of my friends.
Things that are special to them, collected or found.

On that note:

Thanks for stopping in at Novara Way today!
I hope you enjoyed the tour.



  1. Replies
    1. Could you imagine what could be done with that if it wasn't a rental? So many great ideas!

  2. Sharon...I love the chairs...hope you are well!

    1. Taylor,
      Those were found at the Agoura Antique Mart! I have them too, stained in dark brown.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! You know I love all of the blue and white... and that monkey fruit bowl is the cutest thing ever!!! I want one too! :)

    The Glam Pad

  4. The monkey always makes me smile. I have my eye out for one!

  5. Your friend has a beautiful home; inside and out! I love the raw wood pieces and her rug is gorgeous. Such a fun tour!

  6. Your friend's home is soooooo beautiful!!! I love the raw wood.....well worth the time it took to strip the pieces!!! Thank you for sharing her home, it was such a treat :o)