Saturday, January 25, 2014

The RV.....

It all started one Saturday when I called my brother in law. I just wanted to know where he was going to watch the playoffs on Sunday. He said he was on his way to his sisters in Malibu for dinner (home tour coming soon). He was driving the RV. Who drives an RV on a Saturday night 12 miles to dinner?  The RV has been gutted and redone. Getting ready for summer....

When you walk in this is what you see. Super cute. J picked out denim, 
flannel, faux alligator, printed burlap, and duck cloth. This was not a pretty
sight when purchased. Let's just say pink was the color of choice.
LVT flooring was installed for a very active family.

Fixtures were painted and knobs were changed.

TVs were installed, and the dogs bed is in place.

The seating was done in faux alligator.

Detail, details. 

My favorite club chair, and window trim.

If you can see close up,  the headboard is a very tiny
padded herringbone pattern.

I'm ready for a nap.

Leopard carpet rugs will be made for winter, and sea grass for summer.
This was a perfect call for this family.

The girls want to thank you for stopping in!
Can you imagine the blonde one driving the RV? Fearless!!!
I kid you not. She drives it to pick her son up from soccer practice.

All sewing and upholstery was done by
Ozzie at Designer's Workroom.

Link below if you live in the area.

More to come when the rugs are in.....

I love my family, they're a lot of fun!

Have a great week,



  1. That looks amazing and I think it sounds like the most fun way to travel - great work!!

  2. Sharon, what a cool RV I have a dream of getting one for business purposes but the city won't hear of it. They're clearly no fun.

    1. That would be cool for business! Ever since this was being worked on I've become obsessed with wanting one. Styling it out and having a great time!

  3. FUN!!! And it comes complete with greek key trim?! Now THAT's my kind of RV! Wanna swing by and pick me up?!

    1. Emile,
      Ha I would love to! This was a really fun project to see from the start. It was bad! No we all want to hang out in it! I think the rugs will finish it off.

  4. That is one chic RV! I'd love to see the before pics!!

    The Glam Pad

  5. I know I took some, I just have to find them. It was awful.....

  6. OMG this is awesome! I love love love the denim and the alligator . . . I would drive this and sneak out at night to escape my kids and get some peace and quiet! ha

  7. Oh, what a dream! One day I hope to own a RV as fabulous as theirs. The fabrics they chose compliment the space so well.