Friday, January 3, 2014

The working wardrobe....

In keeping with my goals for 2014 I wanted to start a regular series showing working wardrobes. I realize that what's worn will be different from region to region. I also know that this is wide open for interpretation.
As a general rule when dressing for work, when in doubt, I ask myself one simple question.
Would you wear this if working with your boss, or owner of the company? If the answer is no, it's time to ditch that garment or shoe.
I do like to purchase transitional pieces, ones that a shoe or jacket will change the look, or be worn in multiple seasons.
One of my favorite cuts of the year is Tory Burch's resort. This 2014 resort collection does not disappoint. Yes, resort for work....
I live in Los Angeles.

Above is a dress that is perfect as styled. Or, change the shoes, remove the sweater
and add a blazer. 

Perfectly styled, or great worn alone. 

To me this shoe is perfection for my job. Mobility and comfort are paramount.
I like to two tone of this shoe and the pointy toe.

Overall, I prefer to buy simple pieces, and really great bags
and shoes. This bag is large, but that appeals to me.
Love the bead work....

Image via

Again, a perfect shoe for spring, summer, and pre-fall.
At least where I live. This is a shoe that works for me. Pointy toe,
realistic heel, and enough detail and texture.

Is it time to revamp your closet? Add a few key pieces?
A killer shoe, or bag?

I love styling it up for work. I consider myself a professional,
but I don't work in an office, rather, I work in other's offices. Even more 
reason to be respectful in the work place.

Give them something to remember you by!

May you dress for success in 2014,



  1. Great post! Love tory burch, her home is quite beautiful too!

    1. Thanks for stopping in. Any photo I've seen of Tory's homes are simply stunning.

  2. Sharon great post! I love those Tory Birch striped cute...