Friday, February 7, 2014

Changes around the house...

Every now and then I get tired of seeing my house the same way. So I decide to move around what I already have. Here's the latest....

I moved a mirror back into the house and placed it on the entry table. I then placed the two
RL lamps that were in my room, on each end. New lamps were already purchased for my bedroom. Clipped some flowers from the yard, to freshen it up a bit.

So far so good.

Nothing like blue and white....

We'll see how long this lasts! 

Do you move things around as much as I do? I'd love to hear
from you if you do!



  1. Beautiful, Sharon!! I love the blue and white!

    The Glam Pad

  2. Oh Oh Oh! Love it! We must be twinsies, I have a white bamboo framed mirror flanked by Ralph Lauren lamps. And you're making me want to bring a little blue and white into my home.