Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Malibu home tour...

I'm so excited to share my friends Malibu beach home with you. She and her husband purchased this 5 years ago and did an extensive remodel.

This home has three floors, and an additional lower deck has been added since the 
purchase. I'm going to warn you, this will be good. So please grab your coffee and take a seat.
Let's start at the front door.

The home has a modern exterior as well as interior. You can see from the front the glass 
garage door, as well as the front door.

As we enter into the home, you can set your bag down and will immediately 
 be taken in by the expansive view of
the Pacific ocean. The floors are a wide plank French White Oak. 

Once inside the entry, the main floor has four areas. The living room, dining room, kitchen, and powder bathroom. Here's the view into the living room. This home has three Pugs, so beware. Lot's of pug photo bombs!

Susan's Malibu home is packed with art and natural objects.

Beautiful and casual.

A gallery wall of black and white mirrors the straight line of the sofa back. Keeping the eye
scanning the length of the wall.

The dining room is to the left of the living room. The table is flanked by a large mirror that
helps bounce more light around the room.

The view from her table. I know...
 Out on the upper deck is a smaller table along with some lounge chairs.

From where I'm standing looking up the coast towards Santa Monica.
Let's go see the kitchen...

Beautiful marble slabs were used in this home throughout. You'll see when we
continue on the tour on the lower levels.

Glass tile back splash was the perfect choice for this kitchen. Clean, contemporary,
and a bit coastal in color.

The one thing left to see on the main level is the powder bathroom.

Check out the sink! Stunning. The French White Oak is carried throughout the bathroom, main level and down the stairs. 
 Behind the toilet is a wall of white glass. Once going to be mirrored, but the white glass was selected instead.

Because this home tour has three levels, I decided to show it in three parts.
As you can see from the main level it's a stunning home decorated by a gifted homeowner. 
Some people just have it, and Susan does!
This home gets better the lower you go. Can you believe that? I promise!
Please stay tuned for part 2, and 3.

I've been waiting to share this home with you for a while and would like to thank
Susan and David for their generosity in sharing it with us.

Thanks for stopping in today,



  1. Oh my gosh , can I go there right now! What a great space and the view!!

  2. Stay tuned because the mid and lower levels are my favorite! You're going to love the master bedroom. I promise.

  3. Wow…what a view. It is so warm and inviting and I love the way the pictures are hung!!

    1. I can't wait to show the second floor. The view from the bedroom is beyond believable!

  4. Replies
    1. Yes it is! Wait until you see the lower deck, talk about view!

  5. Oh my gosh....that's like living in a vacation home full time....I would love to stay there for a couple of days....

  6. All around gorgeous. That white glass wall in the bathroom if fabulous!

  7. I would die for that view!! And the home is just as stunning!! What a fabulous tour, thank you Sharon, Susan, and David!!!

    The Glam Pad