Monday, March 10, 2014

Malibu home tour, part III

Hello everyone!
Did you have a good weekend? I did!  Spring is here, as the clocks go forward.
Let's go see what we all have been waiting for. The final floor of Susan's Malibu beach home. This is my favorite level....

Yes...this is it!  What a view. Now you can see why it's my favorite place to be in 
this home.

The orbs light up for evenings on the deck.

She has a long bench for extra seating, or drying off from the ocean.

Here's a view from the other side. The curtain is up from the neighbor's side as a renovation is taking place. (yes...I'm dying to see)

Susan thinks of everything! A basket of towels for her guests are outside by the spa.

I can appreciate the lounging area over the spa when it's covered. How relaxing this is
with the sound of the water?

Here's the access to the shore. As you can see it's a very narrow staircase
between the homes.

Here's where it gets interesting...
Right behind us she installed an outdoor shower before you enter the deck area so you can
wash off the sand before you go inside.

The opposite wall...

Such a great idea. The wood barrel hangs from a rope to hold the soap.

Now that you've seen my favorite part of the home let's head back inside and see the lowest level.
It holds a family room as well as a guest bed room bedroom.

A great bath room with classic marble again.

The family room holds a game table, sofa, and TV area.
Oh, and a view!

Does anyone watch TV with a view like this? I didn't think so.

The one shot I missed was from the water looking up at the house. 
I guess that means I'll have to go back again!

Thanks for stopping in. 
Next post is going to be happenings around the garden.
I've got a mystery vegetable growing...



  1. Wow, living the dream for sure! I'm curious about those orbs and how they light up. Very cool!

  2. Hi Kimberly,
    If I recall, they are on batteries. Really beautiful light up at night, or for parties! If you want I can send you the information on where to purchase.

  3. This house is soooo good!!! I have enjoyed every single inch!!

    The Glam Pad

  4. Love it all! Those lights(!), those towels(!!), that shower...but my favorite part might be the pug. And the pug pillows. I can't help myself... ;-o

  5. What a dream! Everything is so beautiful! I love every single detail.