Thursday, April 10, 2014

Homes of Los Angeles...

Sitting on the freeway in bumper to bumper traffic choices have to be made. Do I take the 405, stay on the 101, or cut through a canyon? I always choose the canyon because I love seeing the homes.
So here's what a work day can look like for me. Or at least the drive into the city. I do hope you enjoy this because Los Angeles has some amazing style, along with views, and very creative people.

Enjoy some of the sights from my car window...

This home always takes my breath away and I knew I had get a few shots. Old Hollywood...
The green tile roof, lanterns, and gates.

This post is going to show landscape, gates, and front doors.
One thing I can say driving through the canyon into Beverly Hills, and Hollywood 
is how much construction is going on.

I think this home is undergoing some renovations. The entry is beautiful.

The above two photos are the same home. The landscape is perfection!

Again, more construction! Great entry...

When I got through the canyon, I noticed a trend with the gates.
A lot were painted black with gold trim.
Check out the home behind those gates!

The below home was just so beautiful, although it could have been in Calabasas,
or Santa Barbara.

And right across the street is this very contemporary home.

Here's the view on Doheny before entering Sunset Blvd.

The homes on the hill above Sunset. I can tell you they may not look large,
but the view is pretty amazing.

The view turning right on to La Cienega.

Here I'm parked of roof top parking lot. To the left is a blue glass
building known as the
Pacific Design Center.
I love the green, blue and red buildings together.

As I work through my day I find myself on Melrose Avenue. One of my favorite
streets for shopping along with Robertson Blvd.
I've always loved this building. The green doors are calling to me!
Any takers? It's for lease.

This wasn't my entire day, but I had fun snapping shots around LA.
I had so much fun looking at the homes I'm thinking of doing another post just
on the gates and doors of  Los Angeles.


Have a great week,



  1. I am in love with that first house!! Would you just love to see inside?

    The Glam Pad

  2. I would love to go into these homes for the views alone. I bet some are packed with treasures from way back when! I knew you were going to like that first home...

  3. Hi Sharon...I would love to go into them too...We do have some great creative homes to look at, but I try not to go down that way because of the traffic!