Monday, June 2, 2014

House hunting...

While out and about this weekend I decided to do a little house hunting. A ton of construction has been taking place around here and I thought I would take a look. I pulled over to snap some pictures of this beauty...

Look familiar? I tried to get more shots, but it was Sunday and a lot of cars were in the canyon going to the beach. It's the side view of the Bachelor House!
This ones for you Emilie at Shell and Chinoiserie!
I love reading her blog, as she tells a great story... 

Notice the back side with the arches?

The view down into the canyon.

Ahhh, yes. Here's some new construction! A few large estates were 
being built in the area. 

One thing I really appreciate when updating, or building, is keeping in character
with the area. This is a ranch community as you can tell. So needless to say
when I drove by and saw this, I had to take some photos.

I absolutely love the look of the fret work while still keeping the ranch
feel! Can you see the horse farm down below? I would love to have seen these closed!

Back at home relaxing after a long day
I pulled some lemons from the tree, and rearranged the patio furniture.
A huge fountain filled with succulents needed to be moved.
Now I can place the furniture and settle in for summer!

Any changes in your neighborhood?



  1. WOW, thats some house hunting! I also wish that Lulu and Georgia pop up was in the tri- state area! Great two posts, K.

    1. I should clarify house hunting " for inspiration". Always scoping out what's happening in the area and I've noticed a lot of construction. I won't be moving anytime soon, but can promise lots of changes from inspirational homes. ;)

  2. Fun!! I only watched the first two seasons of the bachelor way back.....I'm totally out of the loop now...but the house seems so cool! Tell me about your lemon tree....are the easy to care for?? They are so beautiful...and all those lemons!

    1. I have ignored this tree since I moved in 10 years ago. I water it, and it gets sun. All year long it produces lemons, so why rock the boat? It gives and gives....
      I set a basket full of them at my front door and texted the neighbors to come help themselves. Almost gone!
      I love putting them in my water.

  3. Wow- some really amazing properties and those gates... We are still plucking the last of the old batch of lemons from our tree, while the new crop is already starting to come in. Like you, I've been having fun rearranging furniture and displaying all the citrus around the house. The weather has been so great hasn't it?

    1. Thanks for stopping in today! Your home is looking amazing....
      The weather has been great. If I could only get my vegetables to grow. I'm having trouble with my zucchini and yellow squash, but the tomatoes are flourishing.

  4. Wow! Nice idea! That looks like a very lovely house in the making. It’s quite interesting to see a house being built from the ground up. I would love to watch its construction, but I don’t think I can stand the noise. Haha! Anyways, nice photos. Take care always! :D

    Gina Sutton @ Best College Station Home Search

  5. It’s great to know that developers and builders have been preserving the character of the area. It’s a wise move to do, since it adds to the curb appeal of the house. Anyway, you have a very interesting neighbor, yes? I’m so looking forward to seeing those newly constructed houses in the future. Well, if and only if the owners are willing to give a house tour. Take care!

    Barry Sutton @ Iron Point Mortgage