Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's Polo Season...

I love this time of year knowing that Sunday is a day for Polo matches. Forty five minutes north, up the coast is Santa Barbara's Polo Club. The weather is perfect, crowd is beautiful, and the ponies are spectacular. There's nothing like it. Let's take a look at some pictures...

Nacho Figueras, it was great to see him play at #Santa Barbara Polo Club.

You're welcome!

Santa Barbara Polo

Watching the horses run is amazing. Look at the legs and mallets. It requires
precision when hitting the ball or the pony could be seriously hurt.
Did you know that each player can have up to four horse changes in a game?
That's how hard they run.

 Santa Barbara Polo Club

The stands are right behind where this picture was taken. You can see
the gorgeous mountains behind the fields.

Polo Ponies

Could you imaging the strength of the pony and the rider?

Polo ponies -- 'On the charge' by Peter Meade

@Emily Schoenfeld Williams so you should take Pisgah to the Polo fields to hack out

Yeah...I like to watch the game.

You can find the schedule 

I hope you can make it!


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