Monday, August 25, 2014

Black and White, again....

Looking for inspiration....
I've noticed I'm attracted to black and white hides mixed with modern. Fresh, striking, and well
defined. I find black and white sort of grounding.

jerry rabinowitz pho charisma design

I could see this in my entry. Again, I feel very grounded, or shall I say clear. It clears my mind. Working with so much color, texture, and pattern, it's nice to come home to a clean look. It allows me to regroup for the next day.

Tempo da Delicadeza

Add fresh seasonal flowers and you've just set the tone!


Make an Entrance. Symmetry in black and white. Interior Designer: Nina Griscom.

Do you have a way of regrouping your thoughts and clearing your mind with decor? If so, what rooms in your home?



  1. One just cannot go wrong with a classic mix of black and white just as you have shown here!!

  2. I too love the black and white. . Particularly the zebra stripe. I do not think it is dated do you?I saw a room Mary McDonald did. actually it was her office in her home. that had a zebra area rug, a clean and modern glass and iron or possibly iron and wood desk. it was my plan to recreate her office in my house. The walls we're painted an apple green. the black and white, the zebra print, the clean, modern,, lightly weighted desk, along with Chinoiseerie accessories which included foo dogslike you already haveand fresh flowers made it perfec. to see exactly what I am talking about you may want Google Mary McDonald, she is an interior designer in LA I'm sure you know who she is. Search but how she decorated her house or her office and I think you will be inspired. I love your blog. I am coming to LA towards the end of September.I am excited to see you and your new home. Luv ya. M

  3. I love black and white too...its a classic!