Saturday, October 25, 2014

Alice Temperley's bathroom...

I recently pulled a photo out of  House Beautiful. I selected it not for it's whole, but rather the feel it left me with. The emotional response of it's contents.

Alice Temperley's Boho Glam Bathroom - Alice Temperley House - House Beautiful

It's Alice Temperley's master bathroom.
This got me thinking. What does the rest of her home look like? So back to Pinterest I went.
I didn't find any other photos of her home, except this one...

RDuJour Alice Temperly Cricket Court Somerset House-05

Same great bones, with just a few new pieces and some editing. 

Do you feel inspired to do a little updating? 

See you soon,



  1. I'd have to say the bathtub is my favorite update. Oh to have such a large and luxurious bathroom! Have a great weekend Sharon!

    1. Right? I like the editing of the furniture too! Please check out my next post.I'm so proud!!!