Saturday, October 25, 2014

Paneled walls...

As I settle into my new home I can only dream about what the future of this place might look like. I can picture the home painted, the patios finished with stone, a covered patio, new fence, and landscape.
Not to mention the million ideas I have for the kitchen.

Right now I concentrating on minor things that I can change.
 Flooring, and walls to be specific.

The molding and millwork is amazing. The wall color is stunning.

I focusing my thoughts on moldings. I would like to remove the country style one in my dining room and replace with with a floor to ceiling traditional feel. I also can see it in the stairwell. Do I dare say the entry as well? Might be a bit much...


It just feels right for this house.

black console and mirror with a pop of yellow

Moldings would make a huge difference, and help define it's style.
I'm looking forward to the day when I can make some substantial changes. Until then I can
dream and enjoy the process.

I did get a new dishwasher.
Does that count?

Thanks for stopping today, come back soon,



  1. Hi Sharon...I'm having the same dreams...I want to add wood details to my living and dining room...I have one problem...budget! I don't remember your dining room looking country...maybe for now buy a contemporary chandelier instead of wainscoting..

    1. Well...your kind of right! It's got a wide bead board wainscoting. It feels dated and not very traditional. I am on the hunt for a very contemporary chandelier to help out the situation. I feel lucky to be here, and I knew it would take time. I just forgot how impatient I really am.

  2. Sharon...I did a post and mentioned you and your blog this morning..