Monday, November 17, 2014


Every  time I see these wood tables I have to stop and look at it. No, it's more like a stare. Then I start to drool....
I seem to be drawn to the rustic, natural wood, and yet I'm completely enamored by the contrasting material paired with it. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I've been wanting a reclaimed wood dining table top for a loooong time. I love the raw edges, grains and flecks in the wood. I even like the plexi base here. Throw in some tufted upholstered chairs and a long crystal chandelier, magnifque!

 Simply beautiful. The geometric brass takes on a more masculine feel. Of course the colorway of the room takes on an immediate moody feel.

High Polished Bronze Finish Base shown with Solid Walnut Slab Top (Natural Finish)

Gorgeous.... but feel like putting chairs underneath would ruin the look?

Yet by changing the shape of the sculpture below, this one feels defiantly more feminine. It feels cliche to refer to it as "jewelry", yet it's exactly the word that came to mind.
"Dipped Desk" by Hudson Furniture is a great example of the juxtaposition between textures within a piece itself. The luxurious high gloss gold contrasts with the organic quality of the rich walnut.

All business, in a boss lady kind of way. Strong and natural, yet the dipped brass adds style and sophistication.

“O” Base Dining Table by Hudson Furniture; Polished bronz ebase with seamed claro walnut top (natural finish)

Again, the shape of the sculptured base dictates the feel of this setting. Feminine, yet balanced by the natural, strong  wood.

I don't think I'm chic enough to carry something like this off. Although I dream of how it would look in my home....


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