Sunday, November 9, 2014

Is it to much to ask?

Is it to much to ask for an office space that makes me want to jump out of bed
and start working? One with great color, and style? One that feels so good that I
 actually want to stay and work? Talk on the phone? Go on Pinterest, and drink tons of coffee?

I guess so, because I don't feel that way about my home office now.

Flooring + Walls = Awful

I'm over it!

I took everything out of the room, and started over. Craig's list, once
again, provided the desk.

It helped. I'm getting organized, and love the drawers.

I know that the flooring upstairs will be a direct glue down sea grass.
 I'm still working on the wall color for the entire upstairs.
Why is it so hard?

I'm crushing on Bennison fabrics right now.
Honestly, who isn't?

style court: Textile Scout™: Schuyler Samperton
As I sit in my office, as awkward as it is, I'm getting a better idea
of how I see my time being spent in here. The jumbo size desk has helped.

One step at a time as I settle into the space. I'm so grateful for the view out the window.

A very big" thank you" to my friend Monica who purchased a 
sweet little pen holder.
I love it!!!!

This really could be the start of a good looking desk ...

Until the next post,
thanks for stopping in!



  1. Sharon...I cant wait to see it...where are you getting the sea grass carpet...I need a good source! I love that fabric too...

    1. I just sent you an email with my number. Install is crucial!

  2. Sharon I understand as I am not thrilled with my office (sharing study) space either. I think I need a smaller desk that almost disappears into the room, a glass topped perhaps...Bennison , oh yes!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena,
      Thank you for noticing my love of Bennison. It can transform a room!!!