Monday, August 25, 2014

Black and White, again....

Looking for inspiration....
I've noticed I'm attracted to black and white hides mixed with modern. Fresh, striking, and well
defined. I find black and white sort of grounding.

jerry rabinowitz pho charisma design

I could see this in my entry. Again, I feel very grounded, or shall I say clear. It clears my mind. Working with so much color, texture, and pattern, it's nice to come home to a clean look. It allows me to regroup for the next day.

Tempo da Delicadeza

Add fresh seasonal flowers and you've just set the tone!


Make an Entrance. Symmetry in black and white. Interior Designer: Nina Griscom.

Do you have a way of regrouping your thoughts and clearing your mind with decor? If so, what rooms in your home?


Saturday, August 23, 2014

We have a winner...

We have a winner for the flooring selection upstairs! Yay.
I knew I was looking for a sisal or a sea grass but was having trouble deciding on color. I like the natural color, but was open to something I haven't used before. I spotted a brown  that was a gorgeous color, but it went plum in my house. Then it happened! I reached for a swatch of a bleached whitish color and thought "this is interesting".

Interesting it was! It seamed to work in every room.

The water heater was replaced yesterday, along with half of the mismatched electrical plates
and switches.
Five dimmers added. 
Chandelier was relocated and hung in the master bed room. 
And last but not least, the built in on the left side of the fireplace in the master bed room was ever so
 carefully removed. 
And lucky me, I saved it for the garage. I can always use more storage!

I can officially see progress now and I don't want to stop.

The roof replacement is starting today and will take about
three days. I've never replaced a roof so this will be the first one!

I started to add a Greek key trim on both sides of my pillows.

Do I dare say I'm getting ready for Fall?
I think I am...

Stay tuned as things around here shape up.
Let's face it, a water heater and a roof are necessary, but not
very pretty!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Good creative ideas...

A while back I started a Pinterest board called "good creative ideas". Every time I find something that
inspires me, makes me laugh, or raises an eyebrow with the possibilities, I pin it.

Now that I'm looking for ways to express myself in my new environment I find myself reviewing this board for
ideas to implement in my new home.

The bed below is a great idea for the guest bedroom. Not only do I like the idea, I like the
fabric selection too. It's a BIG statement that should make guests feel welcome and cozy.

indoor awning over a bed

Sitting in the family room you look out on to the back porch. Its a big stucco wall that's
a complete blank. I often think of adding a water feature...
Something similar to this could be interesting.


Or, something like this. Pull the indoors out. I love the cozy feel and you can't go
wrong with blue and white. I appreciate the artful arraignment of blue and white, along
with the fabric selection.

The Pink Pagoda

So it's really about deciding how I'm going to use the space, and what I want to look at.
I could look at the above all day.

On a funnier note...
who wouldn't want a jeweled encrusted monkey ring?
I would! I'd laugh every time I'd look at it.

Monkey Ring - de Grisogono

Good creative ides.
It's a fun board to follow.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fall collection has arrived...

I was so happy to see a Fall collection that I could be excited about. With boot season right around the corner, it's time to seriously consider what style and color I will be adding to my wardrobe this year.
Tory Burch Fall 2014 does not disappoint!

Let's take a look at some of my favorite boots and pieces from the collection.
Tory Burch Simone Over-the-knee Boot

The Simone boot will be my boot of choice this year. While youthful, I'm going for it.

Tory Burch Leila Wedge Bootie

The Leila boot looks good. I like a wedge heel for stability on the street, and I'm always 
good with a classic quilting.

Below are photos from the Fall Look Book. The entire collection screams Fall. Great boots, sweaters and color way. What else could I ask for?
Shop the Mix: Brocades & Florals

Fall 2014 New Arrivals



The above suit is a must. If looking for a way to update boots you already own, add a pair of over the knee socks. An instant update...if over the knee is to youthful, pull the socks just up to the knee but higher than your boot.

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