Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I missed the party....

I missed the party at The Beverly Hilton! I didn't feel so bad seeing
that I watched the Golden Globes on TV. I did have to do something for work, and realized
it was the day after as I pulled in and saw this!
I thought I would share the aftermath of the big event as everything was getting taken down.

It was big, and wonderful. All I could imagine was the couture 
on the red carpet.

The lighting was still up poolside, but I felt a little silly taking pictures. 
The prep for an event like this is mind blowing.
Some of the flowers were being taken out and the smell was incredible!
Even the underground parking was decorated.

I could still feel the hustle and bustle of the day before.
The energy was electric.

Well, off I go to hit the road home!
I love that everyday is different.

I hope you found this as fun as I did. 
It's fun seeing behind the scenes.


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