Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Inspiring images...

Inspiring images get my creative juices flowing. The work is still being done on the patio.
I'd show some pictures, but it's still pretty boring.
The job grew, of course, once you get going with an
amazing contractor it's hard not to add on
to the job.

So here's a little distraction...

James and Whitney Fairchild's home in the Hamptons - featured in the June 2004 issue of House and Garden.

Savvy Home: Beauty in the Details: A Hamptons House that Flows

A Brighter Place: Cape Cod Style Home
I adore the above image. I'm actually considering adding solid wood
stained doors to this home. 

And again.

What do these images have in common?
White walls, beautiful fabric, and warmth of wood.
I'm really into this!

Thank you for stopping in today. I'm going to try and show an update
of the patio soon....



  1. Great Design Inspirations here! I'm amazed at all the white walls I've been seeing lately. Love the look!

    1. Jane,
      I'm also amazed at all the white walls. But remember, when going to select a white wall, I had no idea how many "whites" there were. I settled on a color called cove from RL. It worked out. It normally doesn't on the first try! LOL The images deffinatly inspire me...

  2. Replies
    1. Does this mean I'm getting old? I try and stay young and current, but I have to admit, I'm digging the classic!