Monday, January 26, 2015

Insta who?

Yes, once again I'm late to the party!
You know what I'm talking about here. My new bestie...


Please feel free to follow along at

The House of Hampton

I'm working on my social media buttons,

so please be patient, as I am tech challenged.

Until then....

Enjoy some things that I find inspiring.


This could work well for my powder bath.

Farallon Construction Inc.

I've been thinking a lot about this look. Notice how the next room
has an entirely different look?

Pedestal in the hallway

This is perfection. Classic, simple, yet what a statement.
When can I move in?

What inspires you?

Thank you for stopping in today,



  1. Wait what? Did you say your on Instagram? I just started too maybe 5 months ago. I'm off to follow!! Loving that white trim moulding. We painted ours bright white too. Love how new it makes our home feel!

    1. I just started! I haven't got moving yet on it, but I love it. Are you on it? I need to follow you. It's like getting happy little pictures all day long. It's. The. Best.

  2. By the way Sharon.....I'm on Instagram too..but I forget to post! I really need to get it together!

  3. I just started and absolutely love it. Almost as much as coffee!!! I'm hooked and thinks it's so much fun.
    Congrats again on the new baby.