Monday, January 19, 2015

Just thinking...

Just thinking...
Gorgeous Chinese Chippendale teak garden Laurent Etagere from Kristen Buckingham

Sometimes we see things that just make us melt. For example, this piece of furniture.
Designed by Kristen Buckingham. So I got to thinking, here's where it gets dangerous, 
how would this translate in the garden?
I'm now concentrating on phase two of the patio, fence, and
walkway. I'm getting way ahead of myself here,  but it always helps
to have ideas... 

Love the fence!

It gets me thinking.


And my wheels start to spin...

porch railing

Round and round I go...

Fence/railing detail

I'm almost sure my contractor hates me.

I've got some big ideas for the gate, along with some trim work.
I think it's going to all work out.
Thank you Kristen Buckingham!

Stay tuned as the house transforms.

Thank you for stopping in,
The House of Hampton


  1. Oh I love where you're going with this!! Looking forward to the transformation!

    1. Hi Stacy,
      Thanks for stopping by. I hope my budget lets me continue on with this! Why do average, when we can really take it up a notch? Stay tuned....

  2. I love that bamboo shelving...its going to look great!

  3. I can just imagine it!!!! Go for it!