Friday, January 9, 2015

Okay, here we go...

Okay, here we go with a super boring patio update! The good news is
the weather has shifted back to warm sunny days.

I can officially say that this job is now much longer than I thought,
three times as much, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed .

It started with replacing the leaning wall. Remember that?
Taking up the patio, and laying new concrete. 
 It turned into,
relocating the air conditioner, running new lines under ground, adding all new exterior lighting,
running a drain, plumbing for sprinklers, widening the walkway, replacing the doors, rebuilding the light post, and adding a window in the garage.
 Because you all must know how much I really wanted

Actually, it was a great idea that will add so much to the look
of the home and it's all in the details!

Let's take a look...

I came home and all of the 1970's wood paneling was removed from the garage.

This is a little scary here. Three different concrete pads.
Also, I forgot to mention that I had to have 
two huge tree stumps removed.
The fence will be extended up to the front door.
(round two)

Hacking into the walls to add a hanging light at the entry.
It bothers me that I have one light off to the left and I would prefer to
have a hanging light centered. So why not? Oh, and while we're now going to be doing 
drywall repair....let's get busy and add some recessed lighting where 
the square lights from the 50's are. I won't mind seeing those go. I have three.

Next week the patio concrete will be going in, and the blue stone!
I can only hope that the lights will get installed too.
We still have to build the approved HOA air conditioner cover.

I won't mind covering that thing up. While were on the subject...
A new window will be installed above it. That's the one along the garage.
The lighting was raised to accommodate that.

Mike thinks of everything! I'm so happy to have
him on the job!!!

Let's catch up on the patio progress next week.

Thank you stopping by
The House of Hampton
and visiting!



  1. spoke to soon...its raining cats and dogs! What happened to our summer weather?

    1. I know! Right? As long as it clears up by Monday, so we can keep going. At this point all I can do is laugh. Although it would be nice to have heat!!! I'm cold...

  2. This is fun to follow along w/your renovation!

  3. Ha ha! Fun for you, I'm knee deep in mud. But I appreciate the support of all my blog friends. I see an end in sight...