Monday, January 12, 2015

Something like this...

Something like this is what I'm trying to achieve.
 The over hang above the garage door is what I'm talking about.

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 The subtle detail in the design finishes it off
perfectly. I'm looking for detail!

{Ralph Lauren, Southampton | The House that A-M Built | The House that A-M Built#} hydrangea

The lighting on the door is very similar to what I've purchased.
I had a really hard time finding lighting, but I think I nailed it!

It should be installed this week, and naturally I'll be showing 
photos. The biggest changes will be the carriage lighting
that will be added on the side of the garage, along with relocating the
front door lighting from the left side of the door to a centered hanging light.

We had an idea to add a light in the copula on the garage. It has a shutter look
that could be really great lit softly at night. It started as a joke,
then we looked at each other.....
and I became obsessed.

I'm calling the roofer Monday to see if he can cut the flashing.
The light part will be easy!!!

Thanks for staying tuned in over here at
The House of Hampton

I'll keep you posted!



  1. Sharon, these are just the kind of changes that make a huge, even if subtle difference in your home's uniqueness! A light in the copula, love it!

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    1. Karena,
      Only a true artist could appreciate that! I'm hoping this will all work out...