Friday, January 2, 2015

Thinking about landscape...

As spring approaches I find myself thinking of landscaping. While the patio, yes the patio, is still being worked on, I have big plans for the overall landscape.

A new walkway has to be built and then things can start to get green.

pea gravel path

Lush, interesting and green.

Green and White Garden

Hydrangeas are a must for the front and back patio.
Along the side of the house I think to much direct sun will
hit them. It can reach over 100 in the summer.


I'm really wanting one of these. How great would this be on the back
patio? It would look something like this when it's done.

Tory Burch's swimming pool and Cabana in her Southampton house.

I can see it flanking the back wall....

Wouldn't that be nice?

A lot of work has to take place before the fun can really start.
The patio should be complete in about two weeks. 
New lighting was recently purchased by yours truly.

I'm adding a few on the garage for a more pronounced look overall.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the New Year.

Now, let's get busy!



  1. Love your style! So excited to see this take shape! Thanks for sharing with your readers. Happy New Year!
    -Linda, NY

    1. It's you again Linda in NY! I'm so happy you stopped by. Thank you for your nice comments. The patio project is way over it's schedule, and budget. I'm feeling a little defeated...
      I'll be posting on it as soon as I can show more than dirt! Thank you again for following, and commenting. I love to hear things.

  2. I love your ideas...cant wait to see the patio!

  3. Hi Julie,
    The ideas keep coming, and so do the bills! LOL