Monday, February 2, 2015

Patio update...

Don't get to excited, but here's a little preview. Still, there's much more to do.
I had a little realization that the entire project is a little anti-climatic.
Well, without the house painted I can't plant the landscape. I think that's where it's all going to
come together. We also have to finish up with the lighting, and the patio doors, garage window,
and landscape.
No complaints here, just a realization that it's not going to be like a TV show. The before...
and 30 minutes later the finished project.
Cue the music...
Everyone's happy.

 Not reality....

This is reality,

Between the rain....

I had to continue to walk in the mud. But let's face it, it's so worth the wait.

However, the concrete was poured. Yay.  I have planter boxes on each side of the soon
to be fountain. I moved the Chinese soldier vase outside and I can't wait to add up 
lighting and plants. The little copula sitting on the top of the roof is still
being debated. I want the light added. 

The back patio needs to have the fence removed and replaced with iron. Needless
to say it also needs to be demolished and replaced. I also see hedges,
and a covered patio.
I'm happy for the weekend sun and freshly washed seat cushions.
I'm also happy every time I think about my CL score and all the ways I have broken
up the sectional.

Work is still on going as the lighting has yet to be installed. I'm happy to have one solid
foundation to walk on. Before I had three! Three!!!
I'm also looking forward to removing the light on the left. As you can see, it's ready for the 
hanging one to go in...
So am I.

The idea I have is to extend the fence along the property line and add
some white trim arbor with a fretwork gate. I also had the idea to add the same arbor to the
back so I can sneak out to the green belt. Plus I think it would just be pretty and inviting!

I see it with green hedges for walls, and hydrangeas for color.
Clean and architectural.

Slowly and steady progress is taking place. I am surprised to
see what I have been able to achieve in the 7 months I've been here.

Grateful for the ability to be creative and execute
the ideas that come to me as the home reveals it's self.

It's happy that someone saw it's raw beauty!

Take care,



  1. Loving the clean crisp blue and white!!

    1. I'm so ready for summer! That's the back, untouched portion. Phase three of the process. Until then, it is what it is! I still can't believe I scored the Pottery Barn set for a steal on CL. Freash it up with the blue and white...

  2. looks so found that set on Craigs list....I really need to start looking again...I went to the best Estate sale right near you last Saturday...Still thinking about some of the things I should of bought!

  3. GRRRR I missed it! YES, I get my best finds in Santa Barbara on CL. I hesitated to purchase it the night before. I had no idea until I went to PB and saw the retail pricing. Shocked!!! I'm looking forward to making the giant vase a fountain with a growing vine on the back wall, with up lights. But first I have to paint the house before anything can grow....

  4. The patio is looking great!! Love that blue greek key rug. I've been looking on Craigslist for outdoor furniture too!! Not so lucky here :(

    1. Hi jane,
      I purchased the outdoor rug from Lulu and Georgia! I can't believe how well it holds up! Don't give up on CL, you never know when somethings going to pop up!!

  5. I love your attention to detail. Everything is coming together beautifully. I bet you can't wait to truly enjoy it all.

    1. Thanks Brandi. I got some inspiration from you. I remember when you did your side patio. What a difference it can make ! Just a little attention to detail...and yes, I am looking forward to some warm weather, cold drinks and relaxation!!!

  6. I can see it coming together and can't wait to see the finished product!! The blue and white is stunning...

    ciao xo

    1. Thanks Fabiana! I'm looking forward to warmer weather and planting!

  7. Sharon I am amazed at all you are getting done and of course am loving your addition of the navy, and blue and white ceramics!!

    Featuring The HighBoy

    1. Your words are so encouraging! I feel like I'm getting nothing done and it's taking forever...
      It's actually nice to take a little break and walk down memory lane. I see that progress has taken place. Thanks for stopping in,

  8. It's looking great thus far, you had me at the blues and whites!

    1. Hi Vel,
      I feel so exhausted. A little blue and white always makes everything ok. Thanks for stopping by, and leaving a little foot print. I appreciate it so much.