Sunday, February 1, 2015

Some fine purchases...

Drum roll please...

That's the little beauty I picked up at the Lulu & Georgia sale yesterday! Isn't she great?
I unrolled it, stared at it's beauty, and then the little dog bit the fleece and started to pull!!!
Are you kidding me? No way was this going to happen. With one stern warring, it was over.
Yeah, that's how good I am at communicating with the animal kingdom.

The true test will be when I leave her alone. I may not be as good as I think.

This rug is so fantastic in person, I think I would like to have a
larger one for the the living room. 

The sale was fantastic. It's a little overwhelming with so many things to look at. The pillows were once again, off the chart. I only purchased one this time
 for my niece, along with a yoga blanket that she put
on her bed. They both had a beautiful blue/green color, and were excellent choices
for layering.

The hit for me was the yoga blanket too. I purchased a few. It has a natural field with white trim
My accent color is purple. So is my yoga mat.




  1. The rug is amazing and perfect in your space…fingers crossed the dog will find another spot to love…

    1. Thank you. I took a risk buying it. I followed my instincts and purchased it. I'm glad I did on this one, and so far so good with the little dog. :)
      Thank you for stopping in today,

  2. Replies
    1. Check the web site. I'm considering getting a larger one for my living room!

  3. The rug is gorgeous and so are your floors!!

    1. Hi Brandi,
      Thanks! The floors are a poreclain tile wood plank. They were in the house when I moved in. I have to say I would not have selected them, however after living with them they get two thumbs up. Really easy to live on, clean, and super durable. I'm happy!!!