Monday, March 23, 2015

I'm back...

I think this is the longest break I've taken from blogging. Just to check how long it has been I looked
at the date of my last post, 3.8.15.  I thought " no"....we're already in March? I guess I did need some time off because I then realized it's almost APRIL!!! Has that ever happened to you?
I'm not quite sure where the time goes.

I am ready to start sharing some pictures of the almost completed Phase I of the big transformation!

Let's talk about some things in detail.  I believe that the small details now, will make a big difference later. As you can see the huge air compressor has been relocated out of the entry patio
and moved to the side of the walkway along with a proper cover. Now, during the summer, when the air is running you can actually be outside on the patio without have the massive compressor
 in your face. Not to mention the sound.
The light pole was removed due to rot. That's what he claimed.  I secretly think it's because it was time for an update. Now, you have to know Mike to appreciate his attention to detail.  That's why I feel so lucky having him on the job. 

Primed only for right now, you can see the trim work that was added.
Now you know why all the ladies love Mike.

He wouldn't settle on just a concrete blob. No. It was shaped, and covered 
in blue stone. He told me he thinks about it at night until he knows exactly
how he sees the cuts. I saw it differently. I have to say I like his better.
Thank you Mike!

All of the lighting looks like this. I added a few lights too. Two carriage lights on the
garage, and one over the window on the side of the garage.
What I really had to pursue was the the lighting in the coupela. 
I had to have the roofer out twice. I made such a stink about having it.
Once he told me the price,
What was I to do? I really pushed!  I had no choice but to suck it up.

You can see the little detail Mike added behind the lighting on the garage.
The roofers arrived and are
removing the coupela. Framing the newly cut hole, and adding the flashing.

Here's how it looks from inside the garage looking up.

It's so cute at night. All the slats glow!  I love seeing it when I'm inside. 
I'm glad I pursued it, sucked it up, and busted the budget.
I'm happy every time I see it lit up.

We added a glass panel door to work with the french doors already in the patio.
I also decided to remove the door to the laundry room. I feel like this home was crying out for the 
light to come in. Peeling away every bad choice made in the past. Letting her beauty come through.
Remember the old door with the metal frame slat glass with the crank? And yet another layer
with a screen door on the other side.

I can see outside now, and can almost be happy about doing laundry.
 Notice the coupela on the roof? At night it's really cute from inside.

I also painted the patio. Testing some colors to see if I like them. You can see from
this picture how the style is coming together. 
We've come so far in the time since I've moved here, yet I have so much more to
do. Like adding the new door handles.
Speaking of doors... See the one right out there? That's the style all of the interior
doors will be changed to. A two panel door.
 One day.

Still working. The doors now look as if they go together.
One cohesive look in the space helped unify the area.

It feels like so much as been done in the 8 months I've been here. It's been a 
long road that I am still on. With the house willing, we can restore her
I don't know how I'm doing it, or what gives me the courage to take things
on like this. I can only say that I enjoy seeing the vision, and doing my best to execute it.

She's starting to smile. 


The House of Hampton


  1. Sharon, the progress looks amazing! Missed you on the blog...


    1. Hi Fabiana,
      It's good to be back! I'm catching up on all my reading. Thanks for stopping in.

  2. Oh did such a good job up-dating your home. Summer is almost here and you are going to be able to really use that outdoor space!
    I'm leaving for Round Top on Sunday...Ill let you know if I find any treasures!

    1. I hope you you take pictures! I need to follow you on Instagram...
      Have a safe trip, make new friends, and post!
      See you when you return!!!

  3. Sharon I love it all. The doors, the cupola, the columns. How fun for spring and summer!

    The Arts by Karena
    A New Gallery in Town!

    1. Thanks Karena. I'm hoping to get a fountain and some landscape soon. Then the party can start.

  4. Its coming together so well you must be so excited!

    1. I'm so exhausted, so it cancels out the excitement! I am thrilled to see the progress, yet I'm always wanting to do more. I need to take a recovery break and enjoy it for a few months.Regroup ,prioritize. Then, very slowly, I will start up on Phase II.
      Thanks for stopping in today!

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