Sunday, March 8, 2015

Inspiring photos...

After an action packed weekend I can finally take a few moments to breath. I didn't make it to 
the gym. Didn't do any work. Didn't finish one project. 
I did have a great time enjoying the beautiful weekend weather. My new neighbor was kind enough to have a few of us out for a boat ride. That was at 11:30.
I don't think I made it home until around five. The I hit the outdoor sofa
and took a nap in the evening sun! 
My kind of weekend!

Celebrating the time change.

Keeping myself focused on the style of the home, I find myself pinning away
on Pinterest.

Here's the latest...

Exterior Inspiration | Grey, Black

I love the paint color and the carriage lights!

I really want the floor of the space above the carport to be curved too, like a bridge to another side of the house.

While I don't have a porte a coche, I do like the wood ceiling. I'm considering 
this for my office. I have to admit, I miss the wood ceiling in my last home.

Palm Beach, Florida | Ferguson & Shamamian -- love the doors, not the hardware.

These doors are the most gorgeous things I've seen in a while! 

Marcus Design: {large scale floral wallcoverings}

Stepping out of my comfort zone, I'm attracted to the over sized wall paper.
Who knew? I'm also liking the pink salmon color.


This is a great example of what I have planned for the kitchen. My cabinets don't touch the ceiling, so one solution would be a false box with massive crown. Or, I can add
cabinets above them with glass doors that light up. I'm leaning towards the later.

What's inspiring you?

The House of Hampton


  1. You have some fabulous ideas Sharon...we went to the beach today and it was gorgeous!

    1. I have 1,000,000 ideas! I wish I had the funds to do them all. Funny thing is I never stress and somehow it just happens. Where did the week go? We really need to meet for coffee of iced tea with this heat wave!! I went to Ojai, via Santa Barbara ( long story) and it was Devine!!!