Saturday, April 4, 2015

Back patio design...

It seems like no time has gone by and I'm already planning the next phase. I was going to
re-shingle and paint the house, however my mind had another idea....
I really need to address the back patio, fence and arbors.
I know the layout I'm looking for, but I need to fine tune it. Then of course run it by Mike. Because, he is all knowing and will keep me on track. This part should be much faster and less detail then before. A lot fewer trades coming and going. Let's get started.

Traditional palette combo of warmer base taupe body with soft white on decorative under eave trim set the classic, historic Hampton's home apart from the others.

I'm thinking of trim like the above for the garage, side window, and back
french doors. I think it's a nice finishing detail. It doesn't look like I will be adding
a covered patio for three reasons so this might be a great detractor.
First reason I won't be adding it is lack of direct sun. I get it for a few hours a day.
Second reason is cost. Why do it if you have so much shade?
I have so many other things to concentrate on.
Third reason is I wonder if it would make the living room and dining room
to dark. It's already dark enough I would hate to lose more light.

Gateway Pergola - modern - gazebos - other metro - Walpole Outdoors

The HOA allows two types of fencing. I've selected black iron.
Along the back, directly across from the fireplace, I will be adding an arbor with a gate in white.
I will also add the same detail along the side by the front door.
I have found great ideas on Pinterest, but most are curved or round. I want a
straight line. It will be more narrow so a gate will be added.
Something like the one below, minus the lattice.

new england style wedding garden arbor trellis wide

white garden gate and arch with seahorse cut-out. hydrangeas bloom in the back. classic Hamptons garden gate.

You can see on the above and below pictures of how great a gate would be.
I love the detail, but not the curve. I actually really like the curves, but not for this house.

What about painting pillars in garden this green so they fade away Ralph Lauren entrance

I can see this in a crisp fresh white. I like the lighting on the outside
and would consider adding it. Charming. Don't you think?

I left Mike a message today. I hope he can put me on his books
for August or September.

This will give me some time to really marinate on my

As I start to landscape the front I found myself thinking of drought tolerant
plants. I really don't want to take away from the style, however I also
have become very sensitive to what my entire state may face in the coming years.
I need to look into some options.

If anyone has some ideas please feel free to comment.

Thanks for stopping in,



  1. Love gateways like those your patio is going to be so charming!

    1. It's defiantly lack luster, and needs all the help it can get. Charm will do just fine. I put it on the books for Sept. I can make some concrete plans and have plenty of time to change my mind at least 6 times.

  2. Hi Sharon. We're getting ready to pour our concrete in the backyard and I've also been gathering lots of photos for landscape inspiration. I really enjoy the process and it helps to visit you and see your stylish ideas. I'm also wanting to plant some drought resistant shrubs and flowers too, without hopefully sacrificing the cottage look I love. I expect the water rationing to only get worse here in SoCal. Also I can relate to your caution about blocking natural light with an arbor. I would give it serious consideration because its the one complaint I have with the covered area we inherited outside our back door. It really does make our kitchen SO much darker :(

    1. Leslie,
      That's great feed back! Sometimes I second guess myself. I'm really encouraged to hear that you like to stop in and get ideas. Thank you!