Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pasadena Showcase House 2015

It's that time again when the Pasadena Showcase house is on. I try and go every year. Fortunately
for me my employer really likes it when a group of us gets together and attends.
Of course they provide the tickets and we happily accept and make a day of it. Lunch is a must! 

2015 Pasadena Showcase House of Design

If you're local you can purchase tickets here.

2015 Pasadena Showcase House - powder room

2015 Pasadena Showcase House - garden

I always look forward to the gardens! This looks amazing.
Isn't Pasadena beautiful?

2015 Pasadena Showcase House Of Design Will Open Soon | California Home + Design

I'm looking forward to going this year. Getting together with
coworkers, walking the home, and relishing in the 
pure talent!

Have a wonderful week,



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  2. A delightful house and a beautiful garden. It seems that organize recreational and cultural activities in such a house isn`t difficult.
    I was looking for a city where I could start my own business, and I provide and service IT
    technology and Pasadena one of the more comfortable city for life and work. Therefore, I plan to hire movers and move in March.

    So I'll have time to visit the house of Hampton, thank you for the invitation.