Monday, May 18, 2015

A few new things...

The weekend has come and gone already. I can say that I scored a few things
while treasure hunting. A few luxury items too.

One of the best finds this weekend were two of these RH
chairs. I desperately needed some comfortable chairs in this room.
There were two chairs, and I grabbed both. I actually purchased two dining room
chairs and then went back for these. Hoping they were not sold. 

The little luxury purchases were two Missoni silk pillows. I wanted a
bit of color, but something that softly blended in with the room. As NOTHING can be
purchased until the major things are addressed. You know...
the back patio, fence, shingle and paint the house, new doors and case, not to mention flooring.
So just a few things on the list....

This did it. Enough color, yet it blends in. I really like how it plays off
of the tray.

Still hunting for a new light. I have made progress in some of the small things.
The window shutters will be removed and woven woods have been purchased.
I will add drapery to layer the look and soften it up. Shutters will be left on all the other windows
that are on the back of the house. I also will be adding sea grass area rugs.

The door hardware has been purchased
and is ready to be installed. I thought I could install it, and then decided
to call in the experts. It will be much faster...
I also have a few other things that can be done while they are here.

It was a productive weekend!

Thanks for stopping by,



  1. Sharon...your home is looking so good! I love your new finds...I'm finally on the mend and I cant wait to find some treasures!

  2. Looks great! I'm sure you could sell the shutters you're removing on craigslist to fund more pillows :) !

  3. Why It never crossed my mind! I'm going to give it a shot. I see more pillows in my near future...
    Great. idea.
    Thank you!

  4. It looks amazing - love the chairs and the pillows add the perfect pop of color!