Saturday, May 2, 2015

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

 I thought I'd share my most pinned pin.

Blue & White

Her she is!
 It's always fun to see what's getting the action.

I found this one...


This looks so relaxing.
 I can almost hear the ocean.
Thank you India Hicks!

Aerin Lauder in Beach Magazine

Then this came!
I think I could look at this for hours.
I love everything about this room!

So, my weekend project was very minor.
I need to add some more 
before I show I picture of it.

It all started with a description from my friend of her sister
in laws new walk way. We were at the Pasadena Showcase House and
design was the topic! She talked about her boxwood hedges, mixed with
succulents, and shells.


I happened to be at Home Goods and a big bag of shells
popped up in front of me.
I thought I would give it a try.
It just popped up in front of me in the aisle. Only one bag.
It was a sign.

I need the boxwoods to grow...
I also need to add quite a few more succulents.

Have a good week.

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  1. Sharon you're such a tease! Boxwoods, seashells and succulents. Some of my favorite things... Hmmm what are you up to?
    Also thank you so much for voting for Diane. You've got such a kind heart.

    1. My project didn't turn out as planned. So I'm still working on it. I did just vote again...

  2. I've had things pop right into my cart at H.G.s...that place can be dangerous!

    1. It was off my mind until that single bag of shells just popped up! I'm sure it was a sign....