Sunday, May 31, 2015

My neighborhood...

This was a hard post to name.
 Let me share with you why. "My neighborhood" is a nice title. I really wanted to call it "my favorite place to stalk". Yes, drive by stalking. I have a few places I like to keep my eye on... 

This part of the neighborhood is particularly special due to the location, lot size, and individuality of the homes styles. I say that because I feel that we have so many production homes. It's nice to see some individual style.

See what a wrong turn can do? I stumbled upon this home by accident. This is the home that
made me think of the post. I pulled on to the side of the road to take it all in.
I was drawn to the the elevation.

This front door is pretty unique in this part of the country.
 It works beautifully here.

  Right up the street is this beauty. I like the smooth stucco, along with the landscaping. I'd really like to get closer and see the front door.

A few houses up we have this brick traditional. 
Who doesn't appreciate a great entry to welcome you?

Love this home! Did I mention that this community is zoned for horses? 
It's the back side of the Santa Monica mountains.

  Here we have a circular driveway with an Italian feel.
 I love the sound of water by a front entry.

Something interesting was happening here. I drove to the top of the hill and found this
under construction. I'll have to check back in and see what the landscape looks like. So far,
so good. It's nice to see a contemporary home among all the others.

This was my second favorite. 
I can't say that I have a favorite style, it's just the way the home makes
me feel when I look at it. This felt right. Well done, and well cared for.

  This home was huge. I fell in love with the entry because the door was majestic.

Back down the hill we go.

What I get from viewing homes with different styles is the wide range of
possibilities that can be achieved with good design.
The walk way, front door, and landscape, truly do make
a first impression. 

Questions I asked myself :
1). Do you need to spruce up the front door? Fresh paint? 
New hardware? (yes, and yes)

2). Hows the landscape? Do I need to add more? Call in a professional
to prune the trees? (yes...)

3). Is the front entry sending the right message? Is it time
to edit? Replace that worn chair? What about the lighting?
(check! got that one)

Speaking of lighting, I think that's possibly one of the simplest
and cost effective changes that can be done and it's often overlooked.

Do you stalk your neighborhood?
 Anything that you find thought provoking? 

I'd be interested to know....

Thanks for stopping in today,



  1. Nice homes..I'm trying to figure out where this it in the trials?

    1. Dead on! How did you know? By the way Stonehaus has the best roses growing in the vineyard.

  2. Isn't it nice that not every home is the same style? We have so much production building in So Cal it's nice to see some individual style!