Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dealing with reality...

Thinking about my back patio I have to deal with reality.
The reality is I'm not liking much of anything.
I've decided that concrete just won't due. I also have looked into the 
possibility of faux grass.
The reality is we're in a severe drought. I have to consider my climate, and
the style of the home. I won't be having a lush lawn and hedges, nor a pool.
 It's a fact. 

I have to admit that since I've moved I've missed growing vegetables. 
More than I care to admit.

With so many things swirling around in my head
 I have to consider the look, budget, wants vs needs,
and climate. I think I've come up with the answer.

Raised planter beds, with decomposed granite.

I will be replacing the fence with  black iron. Directly against the fence will
be 6' privet hedge. I'll get my hedge and privacy. I love a green wall.
I will also be adding two white arbors.
Mike placed blue stone at the base of the light pole, and I feel I need to tie that in. 
So, the solution will be to have the blue stone placed directly outside the 
doors to the back patio, along with the arbor leading to outside gate.

I feel it coming together and that's the beauty of going slowly.

The ground will look close to this. I'm planning on only a few raised beds.
The patio furniture will sit directly on top of the ground.


I won't have grass.....
But I will have the the arbors!
and some vegetables, along with a tall green wall.

I'm hoping to get the bid this week.
I'd like to get this done as soon as it can be scheduled.

On a side note, the interior doors have been ordered and the case and base will
be installed soon. I've had the door hardware for months now.

I'm actually feeling the progress and I like it!

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  1. Sharon, I think you'll e very happy with your decision. The hardest part is making up your mind, and I don't get the feeling that you think you're settling. When the first crop is picked, you'll wonder why you hesitated to go this route

    1. Laura,
      Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate the support in my decision.

  2. Were all so concerned about this darn will rain cats and dogs next lips to Gods ears! Right?

    1. Julie,
      Believe it or not but a huge El NiƱo has been called for this winter. Bigger than 97 rains. Go figure. Thank god I did the roof! One less thing to worry about...PS just started following you on IG.

  3. Hey, I added you to my blog roll too! See it here...

    ciao xoxo