Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fall Fashion

I can't believe I'm saying this when the temperature is so hot out this week. Well, I am.
Fall fashion has hit the streets.
I've  been waiting to see the Pre-Fall from Tory Burch ever since
 I saw the fall fashion show on line.

This is one season that's right up my alley.
From boots, to bags and coats to skirts! It doesn't disappoint. 
Exciting prints and great color only get me more excited for the season.

Shop the Plaid Short Coat

Almond Tory Burch Junction Riding Boot

Tory Burch Jacquard Wrap Skirt

Tory Burch Silk Wool Mikado Wrap Skirt
This skirt is silk and wool.

Deep Berry Tory Burch Brody Satchel

The warm rich color of this bag has me reaching into the laptop to
try and touch it.

Let's face it. I love fall. The colors, the temperature, even the food.
Everything about it.

I still plan enjoying every last minute of summer,
and enjoying the long evenings.

So new wardrobe, I'll see you in fall.

Thanks for stopping in,



  1. A fabulous look ! I have already bought a new fall coast !!
    Have a great weekend Sharon!
    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena,
      It's hard not to!!!! I love fall...