Friday, September 4, 2015

I get it...

I get's not all that exciting. It's a slow pace over here at
 The House of Hampton 
but I'm starting to see some progress.

The garage door finally arrived. I got a call from the company saying they had to delay the install
a few days because they forgot the warehouse was relocating. News like that always makes me a little
nervous. However he never asked for a deposit. 
So Tuesday came, and he arrived right on time. As the install started I noticed that the windows were 
not the ones I ordered. Hummmm
I have to say that this was a happy accident. I actually was wondering if I had made the right choice and delayed ordering because I couldn't decide. I guess it all worked out.

I'm considering adding some hardware. Two little rings that won't  fight the 
lighting, but will add some detail.
For now, I'm just going to enjoy it as it is.

It's now starting to look like the home I was hoping it could be.
 It just takes some time.

I had ordered hardware for the front door and french doors a while back
knowing that the day would come when it would be changed.
Don't look to closely as everything needs a fresh coat of paint. 

While we're here let's  take a look at the new doors and casing.
Again, everything needs to be painted.

Slowly it's starting to change and I can see the difference.
I have a huge list of things that will be done in the next few years,
but I'm also so happy with what's been done in the last

Happy Labor Day,



  1. I have the same feeling Sharon. When it comes to renovations around here, everything seems to crawl to a finish. I'm always amazed at how fast it goes for others. But your changes with the garage, the new doors and casing and your outdoor lighting are big changes. And It all looks so wonderful! Oh how I would love to get new interior doors. Did you do a post on yours?
    Also thank you so much for your recent comment. It really lifted me up. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads those non-decorating posts of mine hahaha sounds like you and I would have a wonderful little chat if we ever met in person.
    hugs to you my friend,

    1. Hi Leslie,
      Yes I read those posts of yours! I'm sure many others do to. I will post on the doors and casings once they get painted. Snails pace. Good news is they got painted yesterday. Shall I say some got painted. New hardware too!!!!
      Thanks for stopping in.