Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gathering ideas for the staircase

This has been a productive week on the home front. Finally some progress has been made.
Rain gutters were added in preparation for the predicted wet weather.
Let me tell you, these guys are busy. Two companies that I called wouldn't even bother setting appointments, they referred me to call someone else. Stating they were to busy. I got lucky with a family owned business that always returned my calls. Granted, a few push backs with the schedule, but in the end the job got done. I now can sleep at night knowing the house has 6" rain gutters.
New roof. Check. New gutters. Check 
Rain dance.
 Still working on my moves.

The painters are coming Monday morning to finish the casings and doors.
After that, I can finally add the new hardware.

 The simple things can make a big difference.
 Slowly the house is starting to transform.
#thankful #gratitude

I find my self looking at the staircase and thinking of the possibilities.
They are endless.
Staying focused on the style, I quickly find my way.

Staircase. Staircase Design Ideas. Staircase Design. Traditional staircase with custom spindles. #Staircase #StaircaseIdeas #TraditionalStaircase:

I have to work with what I have, but I can still make basic alterations
that will make a big change. I like the idea of molding.
I also like the idea of removing the old dated painted iron and
replacing it with spindles.

#Craftsman style wooden #staircase with #traditional details - Harper thick:

We have so many codes where I live. One of them is no more that 4" between
the rods. So this would not work, but I like the idea.

Coastal Living Residence traditional staircase:

The staircase will be done in sea grass. To stop the edges from
fraying and flaring, rope is glued down for a finished look.

Everything starts as a thought.
As you can see,
I've been thinking!

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  1. I ma happy you were able to get the rain gutters done in time for rainy season. These staircases are amazeballs!

    1. Stacey,
      Anyone who says "amazeballs" is someone who speaks my language! Thanks for stopping in, most of all, thanks for leaving an amazing comment. It really made me laugh out loud. Sometimes a girl just needs an unexpected laugh.

  2. Sharon you have some fabulous inspiration here! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Hi Sharon so glad to hear about your house progress, we actually need those rain gutters too. I've been so distracted with this yoga training I've let the house stuff go. Thanks for the reminder. Love your staircase ideas, I thought about sea grass on the stairs because I love the look but I think they might be too slippery for this worry wart (moi) so I'm thinking leopard runner. The good news for me is that the day after my 'graduation' we're having wood flooring installed throughout the entire house. I can't wait to post on that baby.


    1. Ironically, I just read your post and then went to my blog.Boy can I relate. I stumbled on what to say because it's as if you were reading my mind! Our stories to shift at one point, but the feelings and thoughts are the same. I can't wait to see your new flooring selection.
      Thanks for stopping by.