Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dressing the front door...

Back to reality here.
I keep thinking of the holidays and all the pretty things.
As soon as I get back from "VACATION", I'm ready to dress the entry.

My eye keeps going to pictures of nature this year. I'm definitely incorporating this into my
decor. I want a welcoming feel from the time you drive up. What better way than with plants? 

for planters back porch. Holiday Outdoor Decorating Tips from Mariani Landscape - Traditional Home®:

The entry and walk way is where I'll be putting my attention this year.

Amazingly realistic greenery, lush with berries, pinecones & clear or colored lights.:
Dressing the front door with live greens and poinsettias for color.

Christmas decoration
Now this is more like it!!!
Can't take my eyes off this...

A Whole Bunch Of Christmas Entry and Porch Ideas - Christmas Decorating -:
Greens, reds, mixed in with magnolia leaves and birch branches. 
This may be the way I go this year.

What did I ever do before pinterest?

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  1. A great collection for inspiration this Christmas!

  2. A great collection for inspiration this Christmas!

    1. Hi Fabiana,
      Thanks for stopping in! I love the numerous poinsettias lining the entry. I hope to replicate the look at my home. We'll see how I do....

  3. All gorgeous Sharon! Thank so much for commenting on Belclaire House and come see me as well!!

    The Arts by Karena
    In the Blink of an Eye

  4. Hi Karena!,
    Can you leave me you blog address? I keep trying to add you to my blog roll and I'm doing something wrong. Party looked great, and the merchandise looked great too!

  5. Lovely!

  6. Sharon, Hi. Here's the info for the Bunny Williams room you asked about.
    The walls are listed as:
    Venetian Plaster: Carrara Course, Sand Taupe, trim and ceiling color - Sherwin Williams Ibis White

    Happy Thanksgiving!