Sunday, December 20, 2015


I'm taking a break form the holiday decor and festivities. I've got my mind on some future projects
coming this spring. The house is scheduled for new cedar shingles, and paint. This is
 will be a game changer and I might actually feel like I'm making progress.
Seeing thats going to be here in no time, I've turned my attention to some other things that 
I want done. 
Besides paneled walls in the entry and staircase, I need to start thinking about the fireplace.
It's so bad I don't want to fish out pictures. But I will when I start this project. 

Until then, this is what I'm considering.

Candace Barnes:

I have a traditional home and I like the simplicity of the marble
surround.  Interesting....

Fireplace Trim, Transitional, living room, White & Gold Design:

I think I'm leaning towards this. White molding all the way to the ceiling.
My ceiling is not this tall, so I'm hoping it will add some height. 
I'm also hoping that it will lighten the room up a bit. 

beef up the mantel with paneling.:

This idea caught my eye too. Talk about lighting up a bit. This would be stunning.
I am a symmetrical person and things have to be even or I go
nuts. I'm not sure given with what I have to work with that I will have
much of a choice.

I have plenty of time to think about it.

Until then, let me know your thought please.