Friday, December 11, 2015

Seasonal changes

Have you ever looked at pictures of your home in different seasons?
I noticed this photo and thought I'd seen this home before.

Marshall Watsons house in The Hamptons.:

It's confirmed. Below is the same home that I pinned awhile ago.
In the winter photo, I barley noticed the pool.

In the summer photo, everything is so much brighter and livelier.
I love the style of this home and I think the character and details
show much better in the summer.
The gravel walkway, potted boxwood, and fret work gate
look so much better against the lush greenery. The details
shine and add so much interest to the home.

Summer house...1 day we will have 1 at the Cape.  Currently we rent the same red cottage every July that I went to as a girls think we own it, so cute!:

When my home is done, I'm going to take seasonal photos.
I look back and reflect at the changes. I've  been here a year
and a half and change is remarkable to see. The transformation will really
show when the paint and landscape get done.
Fingers crossed. It's scheduled for Spring!

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  1. It is amazing how different a home looks through out the Seasons! Cant wait to see yours xo K