Saturday, January 23, 2016

Let it snow

I'm happy to be home after three long weeks. Two with work travel, and one with walking phenomena, influenza A, and a fever of 102! I'm glad it's behind me.
As I sit and enjoy my morning coffee watching reports of the big storm, I'm enjoying the dark clouds and light rain. I almost feel a part of it, and a little ripped off with our forecast
of a 2016 El Nino who's yet to make an appearance.

Amazing Pictures Of 2011 Chicago Snow Storm ~ Snow not so pretty ~ I'm not ready for this kind of snow!!!:

I have scheduled the crew to start shingling the house mid March.
First the existing shingles are removed. Then the black paper. They add plywood,
wrap the house with black paper, the add new cedar shingles. 
This will take two weeks and it will include a new paint job.
I'm off to the paint store to try once again to select the perfect color.
I'm wondering if it exists. I originally wanted to change the color,
but have come to the conclusion that it best to leave it in the color it was meant
to be. Gray. Not my first choice, but the right choice.

Cape Cod cottage:

Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration.
I wonder what color this is?

georgianadesign:  Cape Cod residence, MA. Architecture - Sally Weston Assoc. Sean Papich Landscape Architecture.:

I hope you have a great Saturday!

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