Sunday, January 24, 2016

Random images of wanting

Random images of things that caught my eye on Pinterest the other day.
Good enough to talk about...

Color combo for chairs in gboro:

This little room is perfection. Everything is exactly they way I would like
to have it. I could stare at this for hours.
I dare you to find something wrong. You won't be able to.

I would dream To have a big dressing room with many clothes and shoes,All so only some as the others.:

The last, and I mean very last thing that will get fixed in the
house is my closet. Some owner in the past had enlarged the master
bed room, and turned a small bedroom into a closet. Not a bad use
of space, just done so completely average it's ho hum. When I get there, I'm thinking
of adding space by taking some of the hall closet. It would be so much better.
I'm considering hard wood floors, and redoing the lackluster closet system.
It could be very pretty...

Love the pattern but need it similar tones. i.e. black and navy . s-vintage-sputnik-light-owens-and-davis:

This picture caught my eye for one reason. The lighting. I'm constantly
considering the dining room lighting. It can make or break the room.
 No decision has to be made,
as  I will be doing the fire place, paneling and window treatments first.
I'm sure by then something will speak to me and I will feel confident
in my choice.

Until then....

Thanks for stopping in today,



  1. Oh how I would love a great closet! THis old home did not provide that! xo K

    1. I'd take an old home, just like yours any day of the week! Horse included of course....

  2. That first room is amazing! All my favorite elements in one space!!



    1. Fabiana,
      Isn't it perfect? Right down to the magnolia leafs in the flower bowl!!! I love that room!!!

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