Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Troubled by the back patio...

Can I tell you all how troubled I've been thinking of how I'm going to finish this back patio?
We have so many rules. I've decided to dump the wood fence and opt for black iron. 
Stay with me here. The reason behind the decision is the green privet hedge that will grow on the inside and also act as a privacy wall. The tricky part is the front door. I plan on extending the fence along the front, and adding a white arbor and gate. I think the image below gives a good idea of the direction I'd like to take. Keep in mind that my goal for this little jewel of a home is to make everything look bigger and better than it is. Done with style and good choices.

An arbor covered walkway leads to the door of this stunning beach home. - Photo: Colleen Duffley:

Below is a picture walking up the the front door.
Phase one, done. Added a window and lighting, new walkway,
relocated the air conditioning and added a custom cover, poured a new patio, added 
new doors and hardware.

When you arrive at the front door, over to the left is where I see an arbor and 
fence. The fence will be extended along the the front of the walkway.
It will stop where the concrete pad is.
At least that's my plan...

Along the back I need to add a green wall. Across the fireplace I see another
arbor and gate. Growing up the fireplace I'd like to add a 
vine to add height. Bigger, and more, by good choices.
The ground will be a natural decomposed granite.

Ok here's where it gets fun. 
The image below is what I think I'd like to place where
I have a stucco wall to the right of the front door.
Adding height, and help defining style.
You can see it in the picture above on the very right.

Charlotte Moss | Lonny.com. The tall, broad lattice in the background makes for an interesting backdrop instead of a lifeless wall.:

I love the mill work on the image below. I'd like to make sure that I have detail.

100s of Front Entrance Design Ideas http://www.pinterest.com/njestates1/front-entrance-ideas/  Thanks to http://www.njestates.net/real-estate/nj/listings:

So far that's what's on my mind. The siding and paint have been 
scheduled for mid March. I'm iffy with the latest weather forecast.
El Nino is scheduled to be strong in February and March.
Oh well. Schedule and wait and see.

Once that's done I will feel like I've made real progress.
I will be able to landscape and see my vision come to life.
That's the best part.

As always, thank you for stopping by and checking in!



  1. I agree with Privet and lots of greenery along with the iron could be great! xo

    1. It will be 2 years in Aug and I'm so happy to finally be able to get this done! I'm looking forward to Spring and planting.

  2. From your plan, I can really see that the final result would be pretty nice. I would really love for you to share the final results with us.