Sunday, February 14, 2016

This weeks agenda...

Sometimes things happen to fall into place. And when they do, I  go with it.
I had planned to get some work done around mid April but got some good news that the job before 
me pushed back a month so my work is starting now!
 Insert happy dance.
Paint and siding still scheduled for mid March.

Naturally, I have fantasized about what I would like to do in every room. But when I had to make a choice, I decided it would start in the living room. The fireplace is a real eyesore, along with the oppressive shutters that make me feel trapped. 

I tend to get carried away directing the show. Someone yell "cut". I've gone to far 
with my wish list, but, sorry I'm not sorry. I'm wanting to get things done and I'm seizing the opportunity.

So demo has started, hammers are swinging, and dust is forever settling.
I'm happy. Really happy.

Photos soon...

CIS construction workers, c.1962    There isn’t much that needs to be said here; the perilous position of every man in this shot, along the arm of a crane is a picture so far removed from contemporary construction it is almost unbelievable. It certainly calls to mind the dramatic pictures of New York construction workers of the 1920s and 30s.


Okay, maybe not this exciting.

Thanks for stopping by today!



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    1. I have pictures, but I'm having trouble loading them. I'm pretty excited to be able to do something on the inside!!!

  2. Dont you love when things fall into place...sounds exciting!

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  4. Back again.
    Just wanted to say I'm excited for you!